Canadian University International Scholarship of Dubai 2023

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Good news for all International Students! Canadian University International Scholarship of Dubai 2023 is currently open. In this article, we will describe in detail this scholarship program, its advantages, and step by the step application process.

Canadian University International Scholarship of Dubai 2023 is a partially funded scholarship for World students. This scholarship is only provided for undergraduates and masters. This scholarship protects up to a 50% tuition charge waiver.

Canadian University of Dubai offers the following scholarships:

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) was built in 2006 to deliver brilliant educational programs based on Canadian curriculum and education principles and to offer a gateway for candidates to pursue higher education, research, and employment opportunities in Canada.

Scholarship Summary

Scholarship Coverage

Canadian University Scholarship Dubai will provide tuition depletion of up to 50%.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canadian University International Scholarship of Dubai 2023

To qualify for Canadian University Dubai Scholarship, the candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • Scholarships are open to all candidates of any country who have met all the admission conditions.
  • For Financial Hardship Scholarship, the number of educational courses candidates should enroll in will be thought about on a case-by-case basis, although, where possible, a minimum of 4 educational courses is recommended.
  • Financial Hardship Scholarships are justifiable for one semester only.
  • Candidates can reapply every semester to pursue their scholarships.
  • Financial Hardship Scholarships do not register for summer semesters
  • For high school applicants to be entitled, they should have a minimum educational achievement of 75%.
  • Returning candidates need to achieve a minimum of a 2.8 CGPA to be entitled to apply/ reapply for the Financial Hardship Scholarship.
  • Lucky applicants will be needed to contribute up to 15 hours per month of group service as part of their commitment to the University.

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How to Apply for Canadian University International Scholarship of Dubai?

Please follow the following application required to apply for Canadian University International Scholarship In Dubai :

  1. In case you are a fresh mind, you will require first to see the admission requirements Here.
  2. Apply for the Canadian University from Here.
  3. Fill in the Scholarship application form Here.
  4. You will require to offer it with all supporting papers :
    • Completed application form
    • Current rental contract
    • Bank statements
    • Worker certificate and pay statement for every employed family member
    • Duplicate copy of passport and visa for all working family members (or both parents)
    • Certificates of educational tuition charges for every sibling
    • Note: All documentation will be kept confidential. Some applications with insufficient documentation cannot be thought about by the scholarship committee when giving the Financial Hardship Scholarships.
  5. Email your scholarship application form (or visit the scholarship section of Student Affairs), along with all previous supporting documents to


To know more about Canadian University Dubai Scholarship, please visit the official website:

Official Website

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