USA Fully Funded Onsi Sawiris Scholarship 2024-25

USA Fully Funded Onsi Sawiris Scholarship 2024-25

Start your study journey in the USA. The Fully Funded Onsi Sawiris Scholarship in the USA is announced now. The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship courses is open to candidates from Egypt to start undergraduate or master’s studies at the top USA universities. These will be granted merit on character and merit as depicted through educational brilliance, entrepreneurial enterprise, and extracurricular activities. The scholarships incorporated full tuition, a living stipend, travel, and health insurance. Scholarship beneficiaries will also be provided the option of an internship number within the company.

Orascom Construction announced the Onsi Sawiris Program in the year 2000 to invest company assets in educational courses to better the communities in which it operates. This course is an example in Egypt of private sector contribution to educational programs on a supportable basis. The objective of this is to help the educational progress and character building of young Egyptians giving them the tools to latest their future and hence assist the communities in which they live.

Preference will be provided to students who have not lived, studied, or worked abroad for a significant time. The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program is just granted to these universities: The University of Chicago, Stanford University, Harvard University, and The University of Pennsylvania.


DEADLINE 31 July 2024
STUDY IN United States of America
PROVIDER Sawiris Foundation
STUDY LEVEL Undergraduate




SUBJECTS Economics



FinancePolitical Science

FUNDING TYPE Fully Funded Scholarships

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The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship protects full tuition, a living allowance, travel, and health insurance.


The eligibility standards for the Fully Funded Onsi Sawiris Scholarship in the USA are stated below:

For Undergraduates:

  • Be Egyptian nationals, who are living in Egypt (preference will not be provided to dual nationality candidates).
  • Be planning to pursue their studies in the U.S.A in the year 2025.
  • Be committed to coming back to Egypt for 2 years strangely after the successful completion of their bachelor’s degree.
  • Have not lived further than three years abroad.
  • iBT TOEFL: 100 or above
  • GPA 3.5 / 90% in Thanaweyya Amma letters (Secondary year) or equal certificates
  • Minimum SAT I Score:
    • Old SAT (before May 2017): Overall: 2100 Reading: 700 Math: 700 Writing: 700
    • New SAT (after May 2017): Overall: 1450 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 730 Math: 730
  • or SAT II in 3 subjects: 600 or above.
  • Have some Extracurricular Activities.

For Masters:

  • Be Egyptian nationals, who are visa of Egypt (preference will be given to non-holders of dual nationality).
  • Plan on starting their master’s degree at one of the top universities in the United States in the field of Business Administration or Engineering.
  • Have not lived further than 3 years abroad.
  • Be committed to backing Egypt for two years straight after completing their bachelor’s degree.
  • TOEFL: iBT = 100 or above
  • GPA: 3.5 / Very Good or above (Overall grade)
  • A lowest of 3 years working experience.
  • MBA – GMAT: 650 or more  (taken within five years)
  • Extracurricular Activities Have been incorporated or are presently involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Old GRE scores are no longer acceptable.
  • New GRE scores: lowest acceptable
    • Overall: 302
    • Analytical Writing: 4.5
  • Fields of Study: Engineering, Business Administration, and Construction Management.

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Important notes:

  • Students with an Egyptian Master’s degree in a technical field various from the one that they’re enrolling for will be thought about.
  • Students who already have one Master’s degree from an abroad university, or who have an Egyptian Master’s degree in the same field they are enrolling for will not be thought about.
  • Choosing as a nominee for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Course does not guarantee university acceptance. Candidates will be helped in enrolling for the below-approved universities only. If mentioned for the scholarship; the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship courses award will be made once university acceptance is received.
  • Preference will be provided to students who have not lived, worked, or studied abroad for a notable time.
  • The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Courses is only granted to the list of endorsed universities.


How to Apply for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program?

Please follow the below steps to avail Onsi Sawiris scholarship:

For Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Make an account on the Amideast website from here.
  • Fill all your data.
  • Fill all your educational details.
  • Answer these two questions in the Statement of Purpose choose:
    • Q1: Considering self, local, and national factors as these relate to your career; how would you be able to get success on these various levels by attending the university that you wish to enroll for? Write a 500-word article to discuss. Please keep in mind that the essay is an essential group of your application.
    • Q2: What are you intense about? How have you started your passions throughout your life? Your essay must be 350 typed words. Please keep in mind that the article is an essential group of your application.
  • Attach these files on the attachments chosen:
    • Application Group
    • Copy of transcripts
    • Resume
    • Copy of graduation letter or Thanaweyya Amma letter (if accessible)
    • Copy of test number  (SAT I / or SAT II) & IBT TOEFL
    • Two recommendation certificate
  • Give in your application.

For Masters Scholarship:

  • Application document: Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Graduate application.
  • Needed Documents are:
    • Resume.
    • Copy of graduation letter.
    • Copy of transcripts.
    • Copy of test scores (TOEFL – iBT / GRE or GMAT).
    • Two recommendation letters.
  • For E-mail inquiries concerning the scholarship: or contact AMIDEAST at 19263.

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