Hungary European Union Youth Startup Competition 2024

Hungary European Union Youth Startup Competition 2024

Start your study journey in Europe. The European Union Youth Startup Competition 2024 is a great opportunity for you. This global competition is an enterprise of the European Commission as a group of the European SME Week. The EU Youth Startup Competition (YSC) is announced to young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 25 progressing innovative start-up ideas to address just one of the world’s most serious challenges. YSC 2024 is a famous startup competition that allows Contributors and young businessmen to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. The 2024 Youth Start-up Competition motivated entrepreneurs to enroll and shape their careers. This startup competition 2024 is free to enter and fantastic for startups. So, if you are a businessman with a startup, the European Commission Youth Startup Contest is for you. Make sure to check till the end and enroll before the last date.

Summary :

 Deadline: 20 September 2024
 Study in: European Union
 Provider: All Subjects
 Study Level: Hungary
 Subjects: Competition
 Funding Types:       Fully Funded Scholarships,

Partial Scholarships


  • The YSC winner and finalists will be present at the SME Assembly in Budapest, Hungary, from 18-20 November 2024.
  • Period the Youth Startup Competition meeting at the SME Assembly, finalists will have to pitch their startup plans live to the jury and audience.
  • It is a brilliant opportunity to showcase alleration and entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Startups will receive recognition and validation of their startup concept on a European platform.
  • In addition, contributing in the SME Assembly 2024 offers further than just exposure. It gives the biggest opportunity to network with potential investors and partners.
  • The event cooperator workshops, panel discussions, and networking meeting where young entrepreneurs can gain insights, expand their knowledge, and progress cooperation with industry experts.

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  • To enroll for the Youth Startup Competition, candidates should be between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Entrants should be local to any EU or COSME country.
  • Moreover, startups should check the theme to be allowed for the YSC 2024. The Start-up plan should, therefore, encourage sustainability and align with EU values.
  • If the start-up is an authorized entity, it should be registered in an EU or COSME country.
  • , Entrants will have to give a short video (maximum Three minutes) protecting the concept of their start-up plan, the relevance of their idea today, and a brief overview of their business idea.
  • Candidates will also be needed to upload or send their ID card as a condition for the European Union Youth Startup Competition.
  • Only one entry per candidate is allowed for this startup challenge.

Selection Criteria:

  • Inventiveness: Ideas must be innovative and original.
  • Originality: plans with the potential to attract general focus and media attention.
  • Communication: The presentation of the plan must be clear and compelling.


Documents Required for the 2024 Youth Startup Competition:

  • Short-cut video (maximum 3 minutes)
  • ID Card
  • Own picture (jpg)

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